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Innovative Technology 

Our "Ootentik" authentication system uses NFC technology to create a digital gray card for each product.

This card is linked to a specific physical product and contains complete information such as the date of manufacture, the place of production, the raw materials used, the stages of production, the place of sale, its resale, photos and videos of the product.

Maximum Protection 

The digital registration card is protected by 256-bit encryption technology, similar to that used by banks to protect sensitive information. This ensures that only legitimate owners of the gray card can access the information it contains, making the system tamper-proof.

The information is stored on bank-type security servers which guarantee a high level of security for the data. In addition to this, our system also uses a private blockchain to store information in a decentralized manner, which helps ensure data integrity by ensuring that it cannot be tampered with by a third party.

A new System in case of vulnerability 

Our Ootentik back-office system includes security measures to handle cases where the security of the NFC chip has been compromised. If a chip is suspected to be compromised, the application triangulates the scanned chips to detect duplicates. If it detects that a chip is identical to another, it will be automatically disconnected to prevent any fraudulent use.

This chip triangulation feature is designed to detect chip duplication attempts, which is one of the main ways used to circumvent authentication systems. This ensures that only the legitimate owners of the gray card can access the information it contains.

In addition, our system is also designed to detect abnormal behavior and anomalies, and can also be configured to send alerts to administrators upon detection of suspicious activity. This helps ensure that businesses can react quickly in the event of a security breach.

Protection against theft

Our Ootentik back office system includes a feature that allows customers to report a stolen product within the app. When a product is reported as stolen, it is automatically marked as such in the system and can no longer be used. If this product is scanned by another person, the app will detect that it is marked as stolen and display an alert message.

Additionally, our system can also retrieve the IMEI number of the last phone that scanned the product, which helps trace the last known location of the product and identify the person who scanned the product. This information is then transmitted to the specialized back office for law enforcement, which can use this information to investigate the theft and find the stolen product.


We integrate into your ecosystem

Our "Ootentik" back-office system is designed to adapt to most of the business software commonly used in companies. It efficiently manages product traceability information, including manufacturing, place of sale, resale, photos, and videos.

The Ootentik back-office application is available on Android and facilitates the creation of digital gray cards for products by allowing NFC chips to be encoded with product information. It also allows to generate detailed reports on products, inventories, sales, returns, etc.

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